Effie Legaspi Photography | I BELIEVE




 ... in living a life of OH WELLs rather than a life of WHAT IFs.

            I secretly enjoy and look forward to having alone time.  


 ... that every song has a heart and soul.  I have a song for every high, low and in between moments.

When I'm bored I turn up the volume to my favorite music and dance like there's no tomorrow.


 ... that the only way to finding yourself is by creating your own self.

I have conversations with my dog about life. And I think she really gets me.  


 ... that whether or not I follow it, my intuition is always right.

Sometimes I go to the movies just so I can eat a box of nachos with warm melted cheese and jalapenos.


 ... just because I can't tell a good joke doesn't mean I'm not funny.  What matters is I crack myself up.  All. The. Time.

Potato chips are my crack.  Ice cream is my ambien.


... that you'll never find balance unless you fall over and over again.

When I'm hangry (hungry+angry) my Jekyll side hides to make room for Dr. Hyde.


 ... truth or dare.  Truth.  Because the truth is always harder than dare.

I have a romantic relationship with food.  We get intimate.  A lot.


 ... every woman should feel confident wearing red lipstick; should have one great love story to tell; and should have one special secret that will always make her smile.

I think reality shows are time wasters, but I get so excited watching who gets "dumped" at the end of every Bachelor season finale.  


I believe that no one can fix you.  You were never broken to begin with.


~ Effie



This is my yorkie-boxer Sadie :)