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I'm in the business of beauty.  I'm not talking about the type of beauty that you smother all over your face or stuff your hot bod into. I'm talking about the beauty that you feel from the inside out. I'm talking confidence. I'm talking "Look out world, I'm unapologetically beautiful."

My FAVORITE type of portraiture allows me to give women the same transformation, and then....AND THEN photograph the *expletive* out of them in such a way that anyone looking at the set of photos is in awe of the subject's femininity, confidence, and beauty. Beauty & Boudoir photography is the ultimate experience for ANY woman. I don't care who you are, what you look like, what size your jeans are, how old you are, what your marital status is, or ....).  This type of portraiture is for EVERY woman. It is meant to make EVERY woman feel her absolute best. Sure, sure, these photos make for phenomenal gifts to your significant other...but what's better is that it's the best gift you can give yourself. 

My beauty and boudoir clients range from the recently divorced woman who is celebrating her "re-release" into the world, to the mother of 4 who hasn't felt pretty in a decade, to the engaged woman who wants to present her man with a wedding gift that makes him thank his lucky stars that she chose HIM.  

So, in case I haven't made my point clear....I am talking directly to YOU.  Let's make you feel beautiful, shall we?


I'm a mother of 2 very handsome, very fun-loving, very attention-needy little boys, the full-time owner/photographer/business manager/bookkeeper/marketing executive/social media manager/customer service representative of this awesome business, the wife of ... SO, as you can imagine, my day-to-day life isn't exactly GLAM.  I'm often-times in yoga pants and a messy bun, sans makeup, trying to utilize my favorite invention ever (dry shampoo) to stretch the amount of time between hair-washes to the max. I usually have remnants of my baby's lunch ground into my clothing. I feel like I am my children's taxi driver. I wake up at 5:30am every.single.day.without.fail. I crash into bed at 8pm utterly exhausted. It's a very fulfilling life, yes.  But glamorous, it is not. When I actually have somewhere to go and need to look "presentable", I really look forward to it.  Getting a fresh blow-out, putting on my makeup and a sexy outfit make me feel like a super human. I truly enjoy the transformation from "aww, sweetie, you look so tired!" to "Rrrawrrr!".

When I'm out on a shoot, I am truly having so much fun. I'm a total goofball. I use whatever means necessary to elicit true laughter from my clients. I honest-to-goodness-100%-without-hesitation can tell you that I LOVE my job. I adore it. I hope that shines through my images.

OH, and I'm also obsessed with chocolate. And wine. And scarves.  And 80's romantic comedies.


You contact me. You tell me that you want to feel beautiful.  You tell me what you envision for your boudoir photos. I listen. We brainstorm together. I send you a very detailed digital guide that will walk you through the Click Chick Beauty + Boudoir experience. You ask me questions. I answer them.  I touch base with you a few days before your shoot to confirm the details and check on you. On the day of your shoot, my makeup artist comes to you about an hour and a half before your session.  She already knows the concept 
of your shoot and the look we are going for.  She enhances your best facial features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are. I check out your wardrobe options and take a walk around your space while you are still getting your makeup done.  I am inspired by your space, your light, your wardrobe, your windows.  We talk. We laugh. We create your first look together. I show you exactly what to do. 
I direct you every step of the way.  I encourage you to improvise only when you feel comfortable enough to do so. We change looks.  We continue on for the duration of your shoot. At the end you won’t believe how fast it went. You had so much fun. You want to do it again. The day after your shoot you get a “teaser” image from me. You die. You can’t believe that’s you!  About 2 weeks later you and I meet up for a cocktail (or coffee, or dessert--you choose), we'll get a private booth and review your images together. I will show you an album layout that I custom designed just for you so that you can get a visual of how it will look flipping through the pages of your own awesomeness.  You want to show the images to the world. You order an album.  You get your album.  You don’t want to give it to anyone. You love it that much. YOU. FEEL. AMAZING.






I’m Effie, a fashion-forward, contemporary portrait photographer in the Boston area. I offer high school seniors a really fun, personalized photo shoot that gives them magazine-style photos they can brag to their friends about. And I deliver photos that really capture who they are so moms and dads and grandmas love them.  

Glamour/Boudoir opening copy:

I’m Effie, a fashion-forward, contemporary boudoir photographer in the Boston area. I offer luxurious boudoir shoots that leave you feeling uplifted, empowered, beautiful and sexy. I believe that looking beautiful on the outside can help women connect with the beauty on the inside. Actually, I know it, because I am continuously inspired by my clients’ transformations.

3 Things I Love


I’m that woman you stop on the street to find out where I got my outfit (could be Anthropologie, or J Crew or even Target, usually a mix). I devour fashion magazines, and I love to shop to keep up with the latest trends. I study fashion so I can give my clients a non-cheesy experience. I want you to feel like you stepped out of an ad.


I’ve always been a sucker for  beautiful hair and lipstick. As a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist,. I’ve spent years studying faces to figure out what haircut or makeup look will bring out your best features. Now I do the same thing with light and posing. I pay attention to detail.


If you’re looking for a photographer who just shoots photos, you’re talking to the wrong woman. I want to get to know you before I pick up the camera—where you shop, what colors you like, what music you listen to, where you travel. These clues help me design a photo shoot that is exactly you so you recognize






(Who am I kidding. Narrow it down to 3?)


  • Italian food
  • Decadent desserts
  • Fitness so I can eat Italian food and decadent desserts
  • The city—Boston’s quirky neighborhoods, SoHo and Little Italy in New York
  • Nature—weekend getaways to the (area? Berkshires?), sitting by the river to take it all in
  • My boys (husband, college son and middle school son)
  • My girl (Sadie, my boxer/yorkie mix)
  • The arts
  • Being silly and having a great time with everyone I meet
  • Giving my heart and soul to the people I work with
  • Did I mention Italian food?